Thursday, 18 August 2016

Common Tailorbird (Orthotomus sutoris)

Latin Etymology: Orthotomus ("straight piece") sutoris ("fasten together")
Adult Common Tailorbird (subspecies O. s. maculicollis) at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore - February 2019

Featured Subspecies: Orthotomus sutoris maculicollis
Weight: 6-10g  /  Length: 12cm  /  Wingspan: ?
NO UK STATUS IUCN Red List: Least Concern

A small active bird, I first encountered this species not far from where I got off the taxi at Genting Highlands, but spent longer that I would have ideally liked to trying to photograph them.  I'd encountered a small flock which unfortunately didn't want to sit still long enough for me to photograph them, and took a number of attempts for me to get something identifiable. The individuals I saw appeared to be young birds - the adults gain a distinctive rust coloured cap and a long tail as they mature.

Related Species:
ORDER: Passeriformes
FAMILY: Cisticolidae
GENUS: Orthotomus
SUBSPECIES: O.s. guzuratus, O. s. patia, O. s. luteus, O. s. fernandonis, O. s. inexpectatus, O. s. longicauda, O. s. maculicollis, O. s. edela

 - Sighting Locations -
MALAYSIA - Malay - Perenjak Pisang ("Banana Warbler")
A fairly common resident.
 - MALAYSIA/SINGAPORE 2016 TRIP: A small group seen in Genting Highlands
SINGAPORE - A common resident.
 - CAMBODIA/SINGAPORE 2019 TRIP: Seen around Ang Mo Kio and Gardens by the Bay

Further Notes: BirdForum Opus, IUCN Red List RSPB, Wikipedia, Xeno-canto

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