Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wood Sandpiper (Tringa glareola)

Latin Etymology: Tringa (unidentified bird named by Aristotle) glareola ("gravel")

Adult Wood Sandpiper (Tringa glarola) at Summer Leys Reserve, Northants - May 2011

Weight: 55g
Length: 19-23cm
Wingspan: 56-57cm
UK AMBER LIST / IUCN Red List: Least Concern

Wood Sandpipers are quite a rare species in the UK - they pass through on passage in reasonable numbers, but, only a small number pairs breed in the country each year - all in the Scottish Highlands. It is most easily separated from the other species named sandpipers by the prominent speckling and prominent eye-stripe - though actually the name is a little misleading - it is more closely related to the "shanks" than the Common Sandpiper.  This particular individual was seen while on passage, which is probably the best way to see them in the UK without a trip to Scotland, though if you don't come across one on your own the best bet is probably to keep an eye on reports of them on the internet to increase your chances.

Related Species:
Family: Scolopacidae
Genus: Tringa
Subspecies: none - monotypic

- Sighting Locations -
UNITED KINGDOM - A very rare breeding species (11-27 pairs) and rare passage migrant
 - A single bird seen on passage at Summerleys Nature Reserve in May 2011.

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