Saturday, 7 July 2007

Green-veined White (Pieris napi)

Adult Green-veined White (subspecies P. n. sabellicae) at Geddington, Northants - June 2011

OTHER NAMES: Mustard White
Featured Subspecies: Pieris napi sabellicae
Length: ?
Wingspan: 40-52mm
UK Status: Least Concern IUCN Red List: Not Yet Evaluated

For the most part (with perhaps some of the Fritillaries excepted) Butterfly names seem to be a lot more straightforward than Bird names. A lot of them are really descriptive of what you need to look for - case to point - the green-veigned white is a white butterfly with green veins on the underside of its wings. Relatively common in wooded areas.

Related Species:
Order: Lepidoptera

Family: Pieridae 
Genus: Pieris
SUBSPECIES: P. n. napi, P. n. sabellicae, P. n. britannica, P. n. thomsoni,  P. n. lusitanica, P. n. lappona, P. n. adakwubdam P. n. jesjuelai, P. n. meridionalis, P.n. segonzaci, P. n. maura, P. n. atlantis, P. n. flavescens, P. n. muchei, P. n. aponica, P. n. napoleon, P. n. montana, P. n. melaena

- Sighting Locations -
UNITED KINGDOM A common resident species which is seen in Summer
 - Seen in Geddington and numerous other sites 
Further Notes: RSPB, WikipediaBirdGuides, BirdForum Opus, Arkive, IUCN Red List

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