Thursday, 4 August 2016

Oriental Magpie-robin (Copsychus saularis)

OTHER NAMES: Straits Robin, Magpie Robin
Latin Etmology: Copsychus ("blackbird/thrush") saularis ("Hindi name")
Adult and Juvenile Oriental Magpie Robin (subspecies C. s. musicus) at KL Central Gardens, Kuala Lumpur - July 2016

Featured Subspecies: Copsychus saularis musicus
Weight: 31-42g  /  Length: 19-21cm  /  Wingspan: ?
NO UK STATUS IUCN Red List: Least Concern

While a number of reports I've seen about birding in Malaysia seem to describe the Oriental Magpie-Robin as "the most common bird in Malaysia", my experience didn't entirely match up with that description.  While in certain locations, specifically KL Central Gardens they were abundant, it tended to be a case of either abundant or absent in any one location - and certainly less abundant than species like House Crow, Glossy Starling and Javan Myna.

Related Species:
ORDER: Passeriformes
FAMILY: Muscicapidae
GENUS: Copsychus
SUBSPECIES: C. s. saularis, C. s. ceylonensis, C. s. erimelas, C. s. andamanensis, C. s. prosthopellus, C. s. musicus, C. s. nesiotes, C. s. zacnecus, C. s. nesiarchus, C. s. masculus, C. s. pagiensis, C. s. javensis, C. s. amoenus, C. s. amoenus, C. s. problematicus, C. s. adamsi, C. s. pluto

 - Sighting Locations -
CAMBODIA - Khmer - ល្វាចេក
A local resident.
 - CAMBODIA/SINGAPORE 2019 TRIP: Several at Prek Toal and Siem Reap
MALAYSIA - Malay - Murai Kampung ("Village Magpie")
 Locally abundant resident.
 - MALAYSIA/SINGAPORE 2016 TRIP: Abundant in parks and gardens in Kuala Lumpur

Further Notes: BirdForum Opus, IUCN Red ListRSPB, Wikipedia, Xeno-canto

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