Friday, 5 August 2016

Oriental Dollarbird (Eurystomus orientalis)

OTHER NAMES: Eastern Broad-billed Roller, Dollarbird 
Latin Etymology: Eurystomus ("broad bill") orientalis ("oriental")
Adult Dollarbird (subspecies E. o. orientalisat Angkor Wat, Cambodia - February 2019

Featured Subspecies: Eurystomus orientalis orientalis
Weight: 123g  /  Length: 30cm  /  Wingspan: ?
NO UK STATUS IUCN Red List: Least Concern

The Dollarbird is a member of the roller family found along much of South-East Asia as well as Eastern India and Australia as well as China and Southern Japan.  It's name comes from the white "silver dollar" like markings on the underside of it's wings which are visible in flight.  Compared to the European Roller in Europe it is a species that has adapted better to modern human living - the clearance of forest has allowed it to expand it's range in Malaysia, and can be found in suburban areas as was the case with this bird.

Related Species:
Order: Coraciiformes
FAMILY: Coraciidae
GENUS: Eurystomus
SUBSPECIES: E. o abundus, E. o. deignani, E. o. orientalis, E. o. gigas, E. o. oberholseri, E. o. connectens, E. o. latouchei, E. o. waigiouensis, E. o. pacificus, E. o. crassirostris, E. o. solomonensis

 - Sighting Locations -
CAMBODIA - Khmer - ទាវព្រៃ
A fairly common resident
 - CAMBODIA/SINGAPORE 2019 TRIP: Seen at Angkor Wat
MALAYSIA - Malay - Tiong Batu 
A fairly widespread but not especially common resident
 - MALAYSIA/SINGAPORE 2016 TRIP: A single bird in Kuala Lumpur 

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