Saturday, 11 August 2007

Spotted Longhorn (Rutpela maculata)

Adult Spotted Longhorn (subspecies R. m. maculata) at Geddington, Northants - July 2011

OTHER NAMES: Harlequin Longhorn, Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle
Featured Subspecies: Rutpela maculata maculata
Length: 15-20mm
UK Status: Not Evaluated IUCN Red List: Not Yet Evaluated

A fairly large, striking looking beetle with a distinctive wasp like carapace. It is apparently a fairly common beetle, although I've only found it once. It is apparently highly variable in patterning. It is mostly found on flowers.

Related Species:
Family: Cerambycidae 
Genus: Rutpela
SUBSPECIES: R. m. irmasanica, R. m. maculata, R. m. nigricornis

- Sighting Locations -
UNITED KINGDOM A fairly common resident species which is seen in Summer
 - Seen in Geddington 

Further Notes: RSPB, Wikipedia, BirdGuides, BirdForum Opus, Arkive, IUCN Red List

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