Thursday, 23 August 2007

Palmate Newt (Lissotriton helveticus)

Two adult Palmate Newt (subspecies L. h. helveticus) at Geddington, Northants - July 2012

Featured Subspecies: Lissotriton helveticus helveticus
Weight: ?
Length: 10cm
NO UK STATUS IUCN Red List: Least Concern 

The Palmate newt is Britain's smallest and most difficult to identify amphibian - fairly similar to the more numerous common newt, the identifying features aren't necessarily that obvious unless you are aware of them.  In this case, the large, black and highly webbed rear feet of the male newt.  Despite this, it is fairly widely distributed in the UK (although absent from Ireland) and if you take a look at any smaller newts you find, it should theoretically just be a matter of time.  To confuse matters however, they do apparently share ponds with Common Newts fairly regularly.

Related Species:
Order: Caudata
Family: Salamandridae
Genus: Lissotriton
Subspecies: L. h. helveticus, L. h. punctillatus, L. h. alonsoi

 - Sighting Locations -
UNITED KINGDOM - A widespread resident
 - Seen at Geddington

Further Notes: RSPB, Wikipedia, BirdGuides, BirdForum Opus, Arkive, IUCN Red List

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