Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta)

Adult Migrant Hawker (subspecies A. m. mixta) at Elmley Marshes, Kent - September 2012

OTHER NAMES: Autumn Hawker
Length: 63mm 
Wingspan: 87mm
UK Status: Not Evaluated IUCN Red List: Least Concern

A bit less common than some of the other similar looking dragonfly species found in the UK, the migrant hawker only took up residence in the UK in the 20th Century, possibly as temperature have increased, and has slowly been expanding Northwards, reaching Ireland and the Isle of Mann since the beginning of the 21st Century.  This individual was seen near the edge of Elmley Marshes, heading along the Swale back towards Faversham.  The best identifying feature is the "golf-tee" shaped marking just behind the wings, which no other species in the UK has.

Order: Odonata
Family: Aeshnidae
Genus: Aeshna
SUBSPECIES: A. m. mixta, A. m. soneharai

- Sighting Locations -
UNITED KINGDOM A resident species to the South of England which is seen in Summer
 - Seen in Elmley Marshes.

Further Notes: RSPB, Wikipedia, BirdGuides, BirdForum Opus, Arkive, IUCN Red List

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