Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Shaded Broad-Bar (Scotopteryx chenopodiata)

Adult Shaded Broad-bar (subspecies S. c. sibirica) at Brigstock, Northants - July 2011

OTHER NAMES: Shaded Broad Bar
Featured Subspecies: Scotopterx chenopodiata sibirica
Length: ?
Wingspan: 25-30mm
UK Status: Not Yet Evaluated IUCN Red List: Not Yet Evaluated

A fairly common day-flying moth species in my area, I have most often seen it in the nearby woodland, possibly associated with areas of hawthorn, although I don't have enough information on this species to tell if it is a coincidence.  It is most distinctive when landed, as then you can see the horizontal bar of it's name.

Related Species:
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Geometridae
Genus: Scotopteryx
SUBSPECIES: S. c. siberica, S. c. sibirica

- Sighting Locations -
UNITED KINGDOM A common resident species
 - Seen in Brigstock

Further Notes: RSPB, Wikipedia, BirdGuides, BirdForum Opus, Arkive, IUCN Red List

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