This page will give a quick overview of things that have changed on the blog over time, starting at the date of the creation of this article.

10-12-2014 - Version 3 Profiles
Slight upgrades to the profiles - links to Arkive and BirdForum Opus are now included.  Additionally, subspecies are now listed - a "featured subspecies" category at the top (where applicable) and beneath the classification list, a list of subspecies will be present.  Where I have images of more than one visually distinct subspecies the main image will now be a composite showing and labeling both.

10-09-2013 - Overhaul.
Large overhaul of various things - focus shifted back to birds but Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects given their own tabs at the top, along with completion of the systematic listing of all birds, a revamp of the look of the site and a new header for the site.

17-04-2011 - Conversion into the "Creature-dex"
Due to slowing progress in locating new birds, the site has been upgraded with a long held plan to expand it into all forms of animal.  Reptiles, Amphibians and Mammals will be listed like birds - ie. with greyed out names of creatures not photographed yet.  Fish and invertebrates however are different in that the former is too difficult to photograph without extra equipment and the latter too numerous, therefore will be added on an "as found" basis.  From here on in, I will commence uploading my back catalogue of species photographed during this project.

26-01-2011 - Completed all Profiles to "Version 2"
All pages are now at least "version 2" - ie use, good to poor photo rating, have a descriptive paragraph, links to related species, their Latin name in the title, a tag of their genus name and links to RSPB and Wikipedia.  I'll convert pages to "version 3" (BirdGuides page link, rating explanation, advanced related species links) as I update photos or feel like it.

20-01-2011 - Started Latest Profile Upgrades
Various changes to profiles which will be added as I get through profiles.  A third "further information" link has been added (to BirdGuides), related species has been revised to it now links to order, family, genus and other species within the genus.  A short description has been added following my rating to explain the key points of it.  I'm also noting all amber list species as I fidn them while updating.

 07-01-2011 - Completed Conversion to Good-Poor Photo Rating, Added Red List Tab to Side bar, Added "Progress Update History"
All photos are now rated as either good, medium or poor.  Also, all remaining cases of the original star rating system have been removed, if not necessarily yet replaced.  I've now removed the links to the old photo grades in the side bar, and replaced it with a link to the UK red list species, I may later follow with an equivelant amber list.  I've also converted the "Bird-dex at 100 to a much more concise article and put it in a tab at the top, and written an equivelant "at 150" article.

27-12-2010 - Added "Red List"
I've added a tag to each article, and a label in the initial part of species which are identified as UK Red List species currently.  If and when I get Balearic Shearwater or Aquatic Warbler, they will be identified as "World Red List".

20-12-2010 Tweaks to Side Bars
Changed "photos by grade" so it shows both the new grades, and, for now, old ones.  Also changed replaced the locations bar with a marginally smaller text one.

10-12-2010 - Change to Ratings System
Replaced the A-D system with a simpler and easier to guage system - photos are now rated either "Good", "Medium" and "Poor" - Good will equate to current A photos, B photos will be either averaged up or down to good or medium, C to medium or poor and D to poor.  It should be clearer for readers and easier for me to judge.

25-11-2010 -  Tweaks to "Progress so Far"
Minor tweaks, integrated the list of species seen internationally into the main list of birds in the appropriate groups.  Added a new purple colour code to cover international sightings and added an "world life list" number.

30-10-2010 - General Design Changes
Large scale change to the layout and colour scheme.  "BirdGuides Rating" section introduced, adding it to all species will happen as I complete the backlog of unwritten articles.  Latin name moved to each post title, and genus name added to article tags. Further Information links and related species moved underneath my short articles.  All previous explanatory page moved to tabs at top of page except the "Bird-dex at 100" which will be condensed down and added into a new update tab as of reaching 150 species. .