ANSERIFORMES - Ducks, Geese, Swans and Relatives

ANATIDAE - The Ducks, Geese and Swans 
CYGNUS - The Swans 
  -  Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)
  -  Bewick's Swan (Cygnus columbianus)
  -  Whooper Swan (Cygnus cygnus)
ANSER - The Grey Geese 
  -  Greylag Goose (Anser anser)
  -   White Fronted Goose (Anser albifrons)
  -  Pink Footed Goose (Anser brachyrhynchus)
  -   Taiga Bean Goose (Anser fabalis)
  -   Tundra Bean Goose (Anser serrirostris)
BRANTA - The Black Geese 
  -  Canada Goose (Branta candansis)
  -  Brent Goose (Branta bernicla)
  -  Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis)
ALOPOCHEN - Egyptian Goose 
  -  Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegytiacus)
TADORNA - The Shelducks
  -  Common Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna)
AIX - Mandarin/Wood Duck 
  -  Mandarin (Aix galericulata)
ANAS - The Dabbling Ducks 
  American Wigeon (Anas americana)
  - Baikal Teal (Anas formosa)
  -  Eastern Spot-billed Duck (Anas zonorhyncha)
  -  Eurasian Teal (Anas crecca)
  -  Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope)
  -  Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)
  -  Garganey (Anas querquedula)
  -  Gadwall (Anas strepera)
  - Green-winged Teal (Anas carolinensis)
  -  Northern Pintail (Anas acuta)
  -  Northern Shoveller (Anas clypeata)
NETTA - Red Crested Pochard and Relatives 
  -   Red Crested Pochard (Netta rufina)
 - The Diving Ducks

  -   Common Pochard (Aythya ferina)
  -   Greater Scaup (Aythya marila)
  -   Ring-necked Duck (Aythya collaris)
  -   Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)
SOMATERIA - The Eiders
  -  Common Eider (Somateria mollissima)
CLANGULA - Long-tailed Duck 
  -  Long Tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis)
MELANITTA - Scoters 
  -  Black Scoter (Melanitta americana)
  -  Common Scoter (Melanitta nigra)
  -  Velvet Scoter (Melanitta fusca)
BUCEPHALA - Goldeneyes 
  -  Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula)
  -  Smew (Mergellus albellus)
MERGUS - Mergansers 
  -  Red Breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator)
  -  Goosander (Merus merganser)
OXYURA - The Stiff Tailed Ducks 
  -  Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis)
 - White-headed Duck (Oxyura leucocephala)
HISTRIONICUS - The Harlequin Duck 
 -  Harlequin Duck (Histrionicus histrionicus) 

GALLIFORMES - The Gamebirds


Lagopus - The Ptarmigans 
  -  Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus)
  -  Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta)
Tetrao - The Black Grouse and Capercaille 
  -  Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrix)
  -  Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus)

PHASIANIDAE - The Pheasants, Partridge and Quail

Alectoris - The Rock Partridges
  -  Red-Legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa)
Perdix - The Grey Partridges
  -  Grey Partridge (Perdix perdix)
Coturnix - The Old World Quail
  -  Common Quail (Coturnix coturnix)
Phasianus - The "Typical" Pheasants
  -  Common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)
Chrysolophus - Ornate Pheasants
  -  Golden Pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus)
  -  Lady Amherst's Pheasant (Chrysolophus amherstiae)


GAVIDAE - Divers

Gavia - The Divers
   -  Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer)
   -  Red Throated Diver (Gavia stellata)
   -  Black Throated Diver (Gavia arctica) 



Podiceps - "Typical" Grebes
 -  Black-Necked Grebe (Podiceps nigricollis)
Tachybaptus - The Little Grebes
 -  Little Grebe (Tachybaptus reficollis)

PROCELLARIIFORMES - The Shearwaters and Petrels

PROCELLARIIDAE - The Shearwaters and Petrels
 Fulmarus - The Fulmars
 - Northern Fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis)
 Puffinus - The Shearwaters
  - Great Shearwater (Puffinus gravis)
  - Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus)
  - Balearic Shearwater (Puffinus maurtanicus)
  - Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus)

HYDROBATIDAE - The Storm Petrels

 Hydrobates - The European Storm Petrel
 - European Storm Petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus)
 Oceanites - The Wilson's Storm Petrel and Relatives
  - Wilson's Storm Petrel (Oceanites oceanicus)
 Oceanodroma - Typical Storm Petrel
  - Leach's Storm Petrel (Oceonodroma leucorhoa)

PELECANIFORMES - The Gannets, Cormorants, Pelicans and Relatives

Ardea - The "Typical" Herons
Botaurus - The Bitterns
Bubulcus - The Cattle Egret
Egretta - The Small Egrets
Ixobrychus -  The Little Bitterns
  - Common Little Bittern (Ixobrychus minutus)
Nycticorax -  The Night Herons


Ciconia - The "Typical" Storks
Accipiter - The Goshawks and Sparrowhawks
 - Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)
Aquila - The True Eagles
Buteo - The True Buzzards
Circus - The Harriers
Pernis - The Honey Buzzards
  - European Honey Buzzard (Pernis apivorus)
Milvus - The Old World Kites
Haliaeetus - The Sea Eagles

Pandion - The Osprey

FALCONIDAE - The Falcons and Caracaras
Haematopus - Oystercatchers

RECURVIROSTRIDAE - The Avocets and Stilts

Himantopus - The Stilts
  - Black-winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus) 
Recurvirostra - The Avocets
  - Pied Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta)

Burhinus - The Typical Stone Curlews


Charadrius -  The Typical Plovers
  - Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus)
  - Little Ringed Plover (Charadriuss dubius)
  - Ringed Plover (Charadrius hiaticula)
  - Dotterel (Charadrius morinellus)
Pluvialis -  The Golden and Grey Plovers
  - European Golden Plover (Pluvialis apricaria)
  - Grey Plover (Pluvialis squatarola)
Vanellus -  The Lapwings
Calidris -  The Typical Waders
Philomachus -  The Ruff
Lymnocryptes -  The Jack Snipe
Gallinago -  The Snipes
Scolopax -  The Woodcocks
  - Eurasian Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola)
Numenius -  The Curlews
Actitis -  The Common and Spotted Sandpiper
Tringa -  The Shanks and Tattlers
Arenaria -  The Turnstones
Phalaropus -  The Phalaropes
 - Red-necked Phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus)

Stercorarius -  The Skuas
 - Arctic Skua (Stercorarius parasiticus)
 - Great Skua (Stercorarius skua)
 - Long-tailed Skua (Stercorarius longicaudus) 
 - Pomarine Skua (Stercorarius pomarinus)
Chroicocephalus -  Black Headed Gulls and Relatives
Hydrocoloeus -  The Little Gull
Icthyaetus -  The Mediterranean Gullsmelan
Larus -  The Large Gulls
 - Caspian Gull (Larus cachinnans)
Rissa -  The Kittiwakes

Chlidonias-  The Marsh Terns
 - Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) 
 - Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii)
Sternula -  The Small Terns
Thalasseus -  The Crested Terns
Alca -  The Razorbill
Cepphus -  The True Guillemots
 - Black Guillemot (Cepphus grylle)
Uria -  The Guillemots
Psittacula - The Afro-Asian Ring Necked Parakeets 

ALCEDINIDAE - The Kingfishers
Alcedo - Typical Kingfishers
Dendrocopus - The Spotted Woodpeckers 

ORIOLIDAE - The Figbirds and Old World Orioles
Oriolus - The Old World Orioles
 - Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus)

LANIIDAE - The Shrikes
Lanius - The Typical Shrikes
Regulus - The "Crests"

Remiz - The Eurasian Penduline Tits
 - Eurasian Penduline Tit (Remiz pendulinus)

PARIDAE - The Tits
Cyanistes - The Blue Tits and Relations
Periparus - The Coal Tit and Relations
 - Coal Tit (Periparus ater)
Alauda - The Skylarks
Lullula - The Woodlark
Delichon - The House Martins
Asian House Martin (Delichon dasypus)
Riparia - The Sand Martins
Hirundo - The Typical Swallows
Ptyonoprogne - The Crag Martins
 - Eurasian Crag Martin (Ptyonopohne rupestris)
Cecropis - The Closed Nested Swallows
 - Red-rumped Swallow (Cecropis daurica)

Hypsipetes - The Dark Grey Bulbuls
 - Brown-eared Bulbul (Hypsopetes amaurotis)

CISTICOLIDAE - The Cisticolas

Cisticola - The Typical Reed Warblers
 -  Zitting Cistcola (Cisticola juncidis)

CETTIDAE - The Cettid Warblers
Cettia - The Typical Bush Warblers
 - Cetti's Warbler (Cettia cetti)

AEGITHALIDAE - The Long-Tailed Tits
Aegithalos - The Typical Bushtits and Long-tailed Tit
 - Long Tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus)

PHYLLOSCOPIDAE - The Leaf Warblers

Phylloscopus - The Typical Leaf Warblers
 - Common Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita)
 - Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus)
 - Wood Warbler (Phylloscopus sibilatrix)

SYLVIIDAE - The Typical Warblers
Sylvia - The Typical Warblers

Locustella - The Grassshopper Warblers
 - Common Grasshopper Warbler (Locustella naevia)
 - Savi's Warbler (Locustella luscinioides)

ACROCEPHALIDAE - The Marsh and Tree Warblers
Acrocephalus - The Typical Reed Warblers
 - Eurasian Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus)
 - Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)

 - Marsh Warbler (Acrocephalus palustris)
Hippolais - Eurasian Tree Warblers Warblers
 - Melodious Warbler (Hippolais polyglotta)


Bombycilla - The Waxwings
 - Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus)

Sitta - The Nuthatches
 - Eurasian Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)

Troglodytes - The Typical Temperate Wrens
 - Eurasian Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

TURDIDAE - The Thrushes
Turdus - The True Thrushes
MUSCICAPIDAE - The Chats and Old-World Flycatchers
Phoenicurus - The True Redstarts

Motacilla - The True Wagtails

Carduelis - The Pipits 
 - Twite (Carduelis flavirostris)
 - Mealy Redpoll (Carduelis flammea)
Chloris - The Greenfinches 
Coccothraustes - The Holoarctic Grosbeaks
 - Scarlet Rosefinch (Carpodacus erythrinus)
Estrilda - The Waxbills 
 - Common Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)
 - Parrot Crossbill (Loxia pytyopsittacus)
 - Scottish Crossbill (Loxia scotia)
Serinus - The Serins and Canaries
 - Corn Bunting (Emberiza calandra)
 - Cirl Bunting (Emberiza cirlus)
Plectrophenax - The Arctic Buntings
Calcarius - The Typical Longspurs
 - Lapland Bunting (Calcarius lapponicus)